I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him-Adokiye Says

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

Adokiye Ngozi Kyrian Yvonne famously known as Adokiye began music at an early age.

She frequently discusses how she could keep her virginity till her adulthood and is resolved on outstanding a virgin until marriage.

Recently, she stood out as truly newsworthy after she offered her virginity to Islamist aggressor group, Boko Haram, as a byproduct of the more than 200 kidnapped Chibok school young ladies.

In this brief however intriguing meeting, the “Jombolo” crooner offers with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, growing up years and the sort of man she wants

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

What’s transpiring right at this point?

I have been occupied with a few ventures, both individual and generally that I am additionally a piece of, one way or the other. As you are particularly mindful, right now, I’m advancing my fresh out of the plastic new single, which is as of now making strides. I am additionally making the most of my work association with my new family, 03 Media; it’s truly something worth being thankful for to relate to them. Yell out to my supervisor, Ozone.

Why is Oritse Femi on your new tune, ‘Jombolo’?

All things considered, as you most likely are aware Oritse Femi is exceptionally skilled and has the right interest I required for the melody and a lovely soul to work with.

How would you work from both the film and music industry?

All things considered, since it’s a similar Entertainment Industry, as a performer, I’m fitting in well by God’s Grace.

What’s your interpretation of the current situation with the Nigerian music industry?

In the event that you ask me, I believe it’s showing signs of improvement. In spite of the fact that despite everything it needs appropriate structure that firmly holds and ensures the privileges of an artiste yet it can just show signs of improvement and with time, it will be incredible.

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

I Love Davido I Can Loose My Virginity For Him

What roused your name, Adokiye?

The full name is Adokiyebaralasa signifying, ‘what I’m searching for is as of now with me’. The motivation originated from an occasion that occurred when I was conceived; something supernatural happened to my father when I came into this world, so my mum gave me the name, Adokiye.

Educate us quickly regarding your experience?

I originate from an exceptionally staunch Catholic family. My full name is Adokiye Ngozi Yvonne Kyrian. My mum is from Okrika in Rivers State, while my father is from Imo State, Oguta LGA.

Professionally, I’m an Architect; I moved on from Caritas University, a Catholic foundation possessed by the Very Reverend Father Edeh.

What roused your new single?

I got the motivation to discuss love.

What’s your interpretation of early marriage?

Indeed, I’m not so much a fanatic of early marriage since I trust one ought to be physically, profoundly, rationally and mentally prepared for the establishment called marriage.

I don’t see any need racing into it on the off chance that you would surge out of it.

Despite the fact that a few people have been fortunate with it yet it’s best to be completely prepared still.

Do you have confidence in all consuming, instant adoration, ever encounter it?

Yes beyond any doubt, I put stock in unexplainable adoration.

On the off chance that you get the offer, would you sell off your virginity for a million US Dollars?

My sibling, I no fit deceive you gracious, if this economy circumstance proceeds with, well, I would be left with no decision however to do as such.

Which Nigerian male VIP, would you say you are smashing on that you’d permit to disvirgin you, and why?

I adore Davido; I think he has a decent heart and I’m speculating many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that he’s exceptionally pleasant and kindhearted.

Have you ever been grief stricken?

By God’s Grace, no, never!

What’s your most noticeably awful and best minute?

My most noticeably awful minute was the point at which I discharged a melody that individuals didn’t care for and my best minute is currently that I’m discharging tunes that individuals adore to such an extent.

Who is your Nigerian VIP smash?

That will be Genevieve Nnaji.

Considering your status, would you date or wed a more youthful mate, somebody underneath you?

Cherish knows no limit and couldn’t care less by any stretch of the imagination. Inasmuch as the accomplice has the solid nature of a decent spouse, why not?

Enlighten us regarding the man in your life, assuming any?

There’s no man in my Life.

What is the most esteemed a portion of your body?

That will be my pigeon-toes. I heard it’s provocative and adorable. On the other hand wouldn’t you say so?

On the off chance that you weren’t doing music, what might you be doing?

I would rehearse as an expert Architect that I am

What are your most loved fragrances and adornments?

I adore Woody aromas and I do basic point by point Jewelry.

What’s your most loved haircut?

I like full and long haircuts. Yet, in a circumstance whereby I don’t have room schedule-wise to alter, I go on my regular hair, in light of the fact that normally I have extremely decent hair surface; long and smooth. I want to go on my characteristic hair.

You say you have a decent hair surface?

Really, I have thick hair actually, yet with the assistance of my hair treatment, it’s delicate and satiny. I’d say it’s lovely. Furthermore, I took after my father; he has an extremely extraordinary hair surface in actuality, his hair is wavy. I recall then he used to be on small scale Afro since he was excessively fixated on his hair.

Can you go bare for any reason?

All things considered, as a result of the way of my employment, once I’m paid exceptionally well, why not, I can go uncovered, and I could for a music video that obliges me to do that; I mean an extremely remarkable video. Obviously a while later, I could get the Grammy.

Depict your style with regards to mold?

I’m urban and vintage with regards to design.

How are you offering back to your general public?

I have been contacting kids all around the globe through my establishment, beginning from Nigeria. ‘Child’s Nation’ is for the less favored youngsters.

Demonstrating their everyday exercises, how they live and how to improve their lives than what they as of now have. I have had great support from individuals who trust these children ought to get more in life and I am speaking to individuals to share this fantasy; life is inadequate without youngsters. Give us a chance to give the children a superior life.

Where do you see yourself a long time from now?

Ideally, on the lips of everybody by God’s Grace.

What are your words to your fans and supporters?

Much obliged to you for having faith in me and allowing me to substantiate myself. I cherish you and will dependably do.

What are the difficulties you experienced while coming up as an artiste and how were you ready to defeat them?

Having the capacity to substantiate yourself is a standout amongst the most difficult thing to set out on the grounds that you will have a ton of minutes where individuals would not put stock in you, you need to work additional difficult to inspire them to trust you and trust you for your identity and what you bring to the table as an artiste who just needs an open door or a shot.

The way to cases like these is to continue moving and adore what you do.

Why did you choose to offer your virginity to Boko Haram in return for the Chibok young ladies?

I was loaded with sensitivity and was prepared to do anything to get those little children out of that malevolent state they were in

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